Seamless smooth white

  • Any quantity up to 2.55m wide x 40m length
  • Approximate weight of a 40m coil is 180kg

  • 1.8 mm thickness

  • All GRP is in stock ready for dispatch.
  • Supplied coiled for ease of transportation.
  • Food preparation & storage areas, cellar floors & ceilings, trailer & truck bodies & roofs and van interior linings.

Dense white GRP stands as a versatile material in construction and manufacturing. Its inherent strength, coupled with a pristine white finish, makes it a standout choice for various applications. The density of the material ensures durability and resilience, offering a sturdy solution for structural components. From architectural elements to industrial equipment, dense white GRP proves to be a reliable and visually appealing option. Utilise the advantages of dense white GRP for a blend of strength, aesthetics and longevity in your projects.

Other Products

Applications of GRP

GRP is a unique versatile material with endless possible applications. Sometimes our customers even surprise us with their innovative ideas! GRP is frequently used by architects, artists, TV and film studios and shop designers as well as in installations, hospitals, the food and drink industry, vehicle repairs and swimming pool and hot tub refurbishing to name just a few.

Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs

GRP is extensively used for swimming pools and hot tubs cover due to its corrosion and UV resistance, enabling it to withstand the effects of pool chemicals and sunlight over time. Its customisable design options make it an ideal choice for creating aesthetically pleasing pool cover.

TV & Film Studios

GRP is essential in TV and film studios for its acoustic properties, facilitating soundproof construction for optimal audio recording. Its versatility enables the creation of intricate and custom set designs, contributing to the realistic visual environment crucial for film and television production. Furthermore, GRP’s durability and low maintenance make it a cost-effective choice, allowing studios to focus on creative endeavours without frequent repairs.


GRP plays a crucial role in sanitary environments and hospitals, providing a material that aligns with the highest hygiene standards. Its smooth, non-porous surface minimises the risk of bacterial growth, making it ideal for applications in healthcare settings where cleanliness is paramount. GRP is often used for manufacturing hygienic wall cladding, furniture, and fixtures, ensuring a durable and easily maintainable environment. Its resistance to corrosion and ability to withstand frequent cleaning with various disinfectants make it a reliable choice for creating sterile and safe spaces within hospitals and other sanitary facilities.

Innovative Architecture

GRP is a key player in innovative architecture, providing architects with a versatile and contemporary material. Its flexible nature enables the creation of bold and intricate designs, while its lightweight properties allow for the construction of large, structurally sound structures. Whether incorporated into futuristic facades, avant-garde sculptures or modern interiors, GRP continues to redefine architectural possibilities, offering a dynamic medium for creative expression in the contemporary built environment.